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the founder of the Agency, pursued her musical education in Hamburg, Germany, where she specialised in the baroque violin.  She has since continued playing the baroque violin for many years playing practice.

Dr. Felicitas Graap speaks several languages, has  lived and worked abroad, and gained a wide experience of cultural activities as well as a wide intercultural experience.


"Any science seperated from virtue is far from wide scholarship, it is malice."     Platon






The Concert Agency DR. FELICITAS GRAAP

acts as an agent representing

artists, chamber music ensembles and orchestras worldwide


offers event organisers:

  Musical Concerts and Events

conventionel concert programs


4concerts with pre-concert introduction

4post concert discussions where audiences and artists may exchange ideas


4concerts with moderator


4programs for special audiences,

e. g. for friends of chamber music or children, young people


4concerts with a specific theme,

e. g. a country, a geographical region, a time period


4concerts with gastronomy


4new, innovative, exceptional programs with artists from different field


4accoustic and visual journeys


4time travel through antiquity


with program planning

Musical event management

by providing ready to print programs and program notes, contacting the media, advertising, and a presence at the location