Laurence Dean
Baroque flautist

Laurence Dean’s baroque flute playing is especially marked by his clear, warm timbre. On the basis of a solid instrumental technique and a thorough study of the historical and musical background he performs the music in a way which emphasizes the sensuousness of the sound and the emotional content of the music.


   Laurence Dean lives in Hamburg and was born in Wolverhampton. He studied the baroque flute with Wilbert Hazelzet in Bremen and Barthold Kuijken in The Hague. He has been living as free-lance musician since the beginning of the nineties. Laurence Dean has taken a particular interest in using the fortepiano as his accompanying instrument. In his opinion it is the ideal instrument for accompanying the baroque and later conical flutes in music from J. S. Bach to F. Schubert as the darker colour of the instrument and the means of producing sound harmonize perfectly with flute. He performs regularly with his duo partners Andrew Lawrence-King, harp, Bernward Lohr and Carsten Lohff, harpsichord and pianoforte. As founder of the ensemble “Mr. Burney’s Payers” Laurence Dean directs his own musical projects. Alongside this activity he appears as soloist with ensembles such as the Hannoversche Hofkapelle, Fiori Musicali Bremen, and La Stravaganza Cologne.

   He has recorded for many northern European radio and television stations, toured with orchestras and chamber music groups throughout Europe and recorded a number of CDs. Among his appearances on the concert podium he has performed at the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival, Festival d’Ambronnay, Göttingen Handel Festival, Bremen Music Festival and the Leipzig Bach Archive.

   Laurence Dean teaches the baroque flute at the Folkwang Music College in Duisburg and at the Hamburg Conservatory. He also regularly teaches at the International Summer Academy at Michaelstein Monastery.


look as well: Duo Laurence Dean & Andrew Lawrence-King


   Laurence Dean shone out above the generally high standard of the performance with his pearl-like runs, his emotionally controlled rubati and his clear phrasing.

from: Northern German newspaper, program: compositions by C. F. Abel, P. Locatelli, G. F. Händel


   He began his programme with Telemann’s a-minor Fantasie. The very first note was exemplary for the enormous spectrum of colours which the baroque proved to capable of.

from: Weser Kurier, program: compositions by J. S. Bach, G. Ph. Telemann, J.-M. Hotteterre


   The English flute player’s performance was of particular quality – within the ensemble and as a soloist in Bach’s a-minor suite. His generous rendering made the structure of the piece transparent, and brought out the expressive polyphony hidden in this work.

from: Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, program: works by J. S. Bach, J. M. Leclair, C. Ph. E. Bach


   One man made music in a masterly, virtuosic, sensitive, thoughtful and completely unassuming manner. The applause from the large audience was justifiably enthusiastic.

from: Nordsee Zeitung, program: works by J. S. Bach, G. Ph. Telemann


   Naturally all parts of his programme received rapt applause.

from: Weser Kurier, program: compositions by F. Benda, C. F. Abel, J. G. Müthel, J. J. Quantz

Program das4


4 Chambermusic




4 + Literature




Laurence Dean:


„Amor ist Mein Lied“ (Amor is my Song) –

Music of the late eighteenth century for flute and harp

Laurence Dean – baroque flute, Andrew Lawrence-King – harp

compositions by C. F. Abel, G. Ph. Telemann, J. G. Müthel and other

Christophorus Verlag CHR 77162


„Le Rossignol en amour“ French Baroque Music for two flutes without bass

works by J.-M. Hotteterre, J. B. de Boismortier and other

Laurence Dean and Christina Ahrens – baroque flute / recorder

Christophorus Verlag CHR 77202


J. S. Bach (1685 – 1750) : Sonatas for baroque flute and fortepiano

Laurence Dean – baroque flute, Bernward Lohr – pianoforte

ambitus 96863


Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783): Flute Concertos

Laurence Dean – baroque flute, Hannoversche Hofkapelle

Christophorus Verlag 77228


Johann David Heinichen (1683-1729): Dresden Wind Concertos

Laurence Dean – baroque flute, Martin Stadler – oboe, Fiori Musicali Bremen

cpo 999 637 – 2


Franz Benda (1709-1786): Flute Concertos

Laurence Dean – baroque flute, Hannoversche Hofkapelle

Christophorus Verlag CHR 77261

Music Shortcuts G. Ph. Telemann: Fantasia d minor: Allegro (mp3, 21 s, 154 KB)
J. S. Bach: Partita a minor BWV 1013: Sarabande (mp3, 39 s, 270 KB)
J. J. Quantz: Adagio c major (mp3, 34 s, 242 KB)
J. S. Bach: Sonate g minor BWV 1020: Allegro (mp3, 30 s, 213 KB)
F. Benda: Flötenkonzert e minor: Allegro con brio (mp3, 26 s, 185 KB)