Thomas Pietsch

is specialised in Ancient Music. The violinist concentrates especially on 17th and 18th century music. His concerts show excellent violin skills, original research and wide knowledge of cultural civilization which lead to brilliantly clear and precise interpretations. Besides Thomas Pietsch is an excellent teacher.


   Born in Potsdam near Berlin Thomas Pietsch had his first violin lessons with the violinist Lena von Bülow, his grandmother. Being a pupil he already played on violins of different periods. During his studies of violin and sacred music at the conservatoires of East Berlin and Hamburg he gave concerts with instruments of elder and newer types. In 1980 he founded the Sanssouci Ensemble Hamburg – now Jupiter Ensemble Hamburg, that quite often performs unpublished compositions of the 17th and 18th century and the known chamber music repertoire. Since 1986 Thomas Pietsch is first violinist of the Capella Filarmonica Hamburg, an orchestra founded by him that uses instruments of the 18th century. Up to the mid nineties Thomas Pietsch gave many concerts with sonatas of the Viennese classical period accompanied by Edith Picht-Axenfeld, pianoforte, they played for example all Beethoven Sonatas in Zurich. Since the late 80th Thomas Pietsch performs the complete duo-repertoire with his partners Bob van Asperen, harpsichord, and Richard Fuller, fortepiano. All pieces for violin solo of Johann Sebastian Bach and his contemporaries were performed by Thomas Pietsch, so he played Bach’s solo Sonatas and Partitas in Berlin, Leipzig, Copenhagen and Hamburg.

   From the beginning of his concert activities Thomas Pietsch is used to CD recordings, recordings at German and foreign broadcasting stations and live recordings. Concert tours lead him to nearly all western and eastern European countries, to the United States, Israel and Argentina. He is frequently invited to play at festivals, for instance Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival, Greifswalder Bachwoche, Thüringer Bachwochen, Magdeburger Telemann-Tage, Göttinger Händelfestspiele.

   Since 1991 Thomas Pietsch teaches baroque violon at the conservatory at Frankfurt upon Main.


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   Dominating impression was the easiness Thomas Pietsch was playing on his baroque violin the several voices placed in an ingenious way, especially within the two fugues of the sonatas in g and a minor... With natural gesture and none of exaggerating accents, the violinist demonstrated Bach's polyphony... Impressive the concentration and efficiency Thomas Pietsch was demonstrating.

from: Darmstädter Echo, program: works by J. S. Bach


   His technical brilliance especially while playing several voices at the same time, a kind of musical delicacy, his variety of presenting the characters of a suite's dances inspired his audience...

from: Hannoversche Allgemeine, program: works by J. S. Bach, H. I. F. Biber, G. Ph. Telemann


   The soloist's excellent way of playing and his brilliant skills formed a basis Thomas Pietsch was able to develop a high level interpretation.

from: Flensburger Tageblatt, program: works by J. S. Bach, H. I. F. Biber, G. Ph. Telemann


   Bach's sonatas were performed by the violinist Thomas Pietsch in a heavenly way, regarding richness of sound, rhythmical flexibility and at the same time an elastically light and intensive phrasing.

from: Hamburger Abendblatt, program: compositions of  J. S. Bach, G. F. Händel, G. Ph. Teleman


   WITH THE TONGUES OF ANGELS: In paradise angels have no better to do than sitting on a cloud playing harp, violin, flute. If you consider this as too boring listen to the "singing of angels" of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber's Passacaglia in g minor. Thomas Pitsch's outstanding interpretation as well as those of the two rosaries of Christ's' and Maria's Ascension will make you remember the colourful scene on Breughel's paintings.

from: Berliner Tagesspiegel, program: sonatas by Biber


   ARTIST'S PLAY CAPTIVATED AUDIENCE: The artist knew how to fascinate his audience for about one hour with his playing. A brilliant intonation, a strong, clear and round sound created an unforgettable performance. With a clear articulation and well thought tempi and sense making variations within bars the artist proofed his sense for this musical period.

from: Dithmarscher Landeszeitung, program: compositions of J. S. Bach, H. I. F. Biber

Programs   4


4Fantasie e variazione

4Passar solo una calle

4Sonare in fantasie


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Music Shortcuts J. J. Walther: Serenata in D: Timpani (mp3, 39 s, 282 KB)
H. I. F. Biber: Sonate I in A: Introduction (mp3, 46 s, 321 KB)
H. I. F. Biber: Sonate I in A: Finale (mp3, 23 s, 168 KB)
H. I. F. Biber: Sonate VII in G: Adagio - Presto - Grave - Presto (mp3, 65 s, 452 KB)
H. I. F. Biber: Sonate VIII in A: Allegro (mp3, 18 s, 130 KB)