Yasunori Imamura

Luthenist and Theorbist

Going beyond the limits of his instrument and setting new standards, that is challenge and motivation for Yasunori Imamura. Excellent technical skills and virtuosity are the basis for his clear interpretations reached with special articulation techniques.


   Yasunori Imamura was born in Osaka, Japan. He studied lute with Eugen Dombois and Hopkinson Smith at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, where he received his soloist’s diploma in 1981. Subsequently, he worked on interpretation and bass continuo with Ton Koopman and Johann Sonnleitner.

   Yasunori Imamura is one of the rare lute players who is just as in demand as a soloist as he is for his continuo playing. He gives concerts at numerous international festivals in Europe and the Far East. Besides his activities as a soloist, Yasunori Imamura has collaborated as continuo player with various well-known artists including Cecilia Bartoli, Teresa Berganza, René Jacobs, Emma Kirkby, Gérard Lésne, Marc Minkowski, William Christie, Jean-Claude Malgoire, Jos van Immerseel, Michael Schneider, Martin Gester and Alan Curtis. Result of this co-operations are more than 100 recordings, the latest CD with Cecilia Bartoli was published in 2005.

   The lutenist is member of the ensembles La Stagione Frankfurt (Michael Schneider), Les Musiciens du Louvre (Marc Minkowski), Le Parlement de Musique, Strasbourg (Martin Gerster)und Camerata Köln. Since 1997 he leads the international awarded ensemble FONS MUSICAE.

   Apart from this activities Yasunori Imamura since 1984 is professor for lute at the  Conservatoire National de Strasbourg and since 1989 teaches lute at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main and has given several international master courses.


look as well: FONS MUSICAE


   Consternational beauty: ... On the whole, Yasunori Imamura offers a very sensitive interpretation. From first to last note, the performance is exuberantly engaged and displays an enthusiasm that captivates the audience.   

from: Fono Forum (Star of the Month 03/2002), programme: Steffani


   ...This lute player is one of the few being demanded as a soloist and as a continuo player.

from: anaclase.com, programme: Caldera


   … very impressive Bach interpretation ... exeptionally clean in both, producing the sound and articulation.

from: Gramophon, programm: Bach

Programme   4











Yasunori Imamura:

Only solo recordings, not those more than 100 ensemble recordings are mentioned.


Lute Sonatas Vol. 1

Silvius Leopold Weiss

claves CD 50-2613                       ¯ (mp3, 73 s, 873 KB)


Intavolatura di Liuto

Simone Molinaro

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi HM 852-2, BMG Victor BVCD 607


Lute Music Volume 1

Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 1006a, 997, 999, 1000

Etcetera KTC 1089 / KTC 2501


Lute Music Volume 2

Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 998, 995, 996

Etcetera KTC 1109 / KTC 2501

» ... unique breath of the conception and beauty of the general line ... Imamura's decisions concerning harmony, tempo, articulation, and embellishments are certainly the convincing and delightful among the (Bach) recordings ... masterful homage to the Thomaskantor.


Piéces de Théorbe

Robert de Visée

Capriccio 10 464


Lautensonaten C-Dur, A-Dur, Prélude & Fuge

Silvius Leopold Weiss

Capriccio 10 745

Music Short Cuts
J. S. Bach Prélude E-flat-Major, BWV 998, KTC 2501 (mp3, 43 s, 513 KB)
S. L. Weiss: Presto A-minor, Capriccio 10745 (mp3, 73 s, 873 KB)
J. Dowland: King of Danmark's Galliard, KTC 1030 (mp3, 33 s, 407 KB)
R. de Visée: Chaconne G-Major, Capriccio 10464 (mp3, 54 s, 658 KB)