Christina Spiliakopoulou & Eleni Mitsiaki
  Soprano                                                               Piano


The Duo


Both artists perform together  more than a year on diffrent occasions. They concentrate on Greek, classical and romantic music.


   Christina Spiliakopoulou studied at the Elliniko Music School of Athens. She passed her exams and obtained her Singing Diploma with honors. She also obtained a Recital Diploma of the London College of Music and Media. Christina Spiliakopoulou followed melodrama classes with Sergios Vafiadis, director of the Greek Opera House in Athens, and also participated in several opera and melodrama seminars. Today Christina Spiliakopoulpou teaches classical and modern singing at the Modern and Classical Music School and at the Eratio Conservatorium. She continues studying music theory and classical guitar.

   Christina Spiliakopoulou performes regulary on various events, so she gave recitals with music of M. Hatzidakis, M. Theodorakis, K. Weill, took part in the Greek Operetta “Vaftistikos”, gives concerts with the association of Greek Composers and performed for Cultural Events of the Olympic Games Athens 2004.


   Eleni Mitsiaki was born in Athens and began to play piano at the age of five. She graduated her piano studies with distinction at the National Conservatory of Thessaloniki. At the same time she studied French piano music with Chrisanthe Tournaki (Marguerite Long Conservatory, France) on and worked systematically on Russian composers and piano music with Igor Petrin (Tshaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow). She actively participated in piano Masterclasses in Greece and Germany with worldwide known soloists such as Alain Lefèvre, Bruno Leonardo Gelber, Vitalis Margulis, Thomas Duis, Domna Eunouhidou, Nelli Semitekolo and studied musicology at the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki. She graduated in Advanced Music Theory studies and continues studying composition and percussion. Eleni Mitsiaki also works as a musicologist in the Great Music Library of Greece 'Lilian Boudouri' at Athens Concert Hall.

   Her musical activities include chamber music, lied accompaniment and teaching. She lectures piano and piano primavista at the Conservatory of Classical and Contemporary Music in Athens. Eleni Mitsiaki performed as a piano soloist in Greece and Germany and gave chamber music concerts in Athens and in many other Greek cities.




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Greek composers for a vocal recital for soprano and piano.

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Spiliakopoulou, Soprano


Mitsiakis, Piano

Mikis Theodorakis

Beatrice on the Way Zero

(Lied cycle, selection)

1. Eleni - Beatrice

2. In the nights

3. Beatrice – it is the night

poems Dionisios Karatsa

Mikis Theodorakis

Love and Dead (Lied cycle)

1. Love and Dead

2. Oblivion

3. April

poems Lorenzo Mavili

Manos Hadzidakis

For Eleni (Lied cycle)

1. At Andrianos’ door

2. High at Akrokorintho

3. For Eleni

4. The air smells of jasmin

verses Michali Bourbouli



verses M. Hadzidakis (3.)

Mikis Theodorakis

Epitaph (Lied cycle)

1. Where did my boy go?

2. Ah, my sweetly scented lips

3. A day in May

4. My star, you are gone

5. You were kind and sweet

6. You stood near the window

7. If only I had the immortal's


8. My sweet child, you have not

    been lost

poems Giannis Ritsou

¯ mp3 (16 s, 209 KB, live)

Manos Hadzidakis

Magnus Eroticus (Lied cycle)

1. I love you


2. Who is frenzied with love?


3. Away on the misty river


4. I beg you, Gongyla


poem Myrtiotissa

¯ mp3 (59 s, 705 KB)

poem Giorgos Sarandaris  

¯ mp3 (38 s, 464 KB, live)

poem Nikos Gatsos  

¯ mp3 (38 s, 456 KB, live)

poem Sappho

Music Short Cuts

(all four live)

¯ mp3 (59 s, 705 KB)


I love you — I am not capable

of saying anything else

more deep, more plain,

more grand.

Here before your feet,

longingly I scatter

the many-leaved flower

of my life.

My two hands joined here

 — I offer them to you,

so you may gently bend

your head.

My heart skips a beat

and full of jealousy,

seeks like them to become

your pillow.

Ah for the honey -bee- drink

there the sweetest

purest- fragrances

of my soul.

I love you — what can

I tell you, my precious friend,

more deep, more plain,

more grand?


music: Manos Hadzidakis




Σ`αγαπω – δεν μπορώ

τίποτ`άλλο να πω

πιο βαθύ, πιο απλό,

πιο μεγάλο!

Μπος στα πόδια σοθ εδώ

με λαχτάρα σκορπώ

τον πολύφυλλο ανθό

της ζωής μου.

Τα δύο χέρια μου, να!

στα προσφέρω δετά,

για να γείρεις γλυκά

το κεφάλι.

Κ`η καρδιά μου σκιρτά

κι όλη ζήλια ζητά

να σου γίνει ως αυτά


Ω! μελίοσσι μου! πιες

απ`αυτόν τις γλυκές,

τις αγές ευωδιές

της ψυχής μου!

Σ`αγαπω – τι μπορώ

ακριβέ να σου πω

πιο βαθύ, πιο απλό,

πιο μεγάλο;


μουσική: Μάνος Χατζιδάκις


¯ mp3 (38 s, 464 KB)



Who is frenzied with love?

Let him dig ditches at dawn

So we'll go there and drink

The rain.

For in every shelter

   where we moor

In every courtyard

The wind ruins the sky

The trees

And the barren earth

Sinks inside us.

words:Giorghos Sarandaris

music: Manos Hadzidakis




Ποιος είν`τρελός από έρβτα;

Ας κάνει λάκκοθς την αυγή

Να πάμε εκεί να πιούμε

Τη βροχή,

Μια που εμείς σε όποια στέγμη


Σε όποια αυλή

Ο άνεμος χαλνάει τον ουρανό

Τα δέντρα

Κι`Η στείρα γη

Μέσα σε μας βουλιάζει

Γιώργος Σαραντάρη

μουσική: Μάνος Χατζιδάκις


¯ mp3 (38 s, 456 KB)


Away on the misty river

the night leaned down to bathe.

So too the beautiful Belissa

will be soothed cool with a kiss.

Up on the old stone bridge

the night rests soothed and cool.

So too the beautiful Belissa

will sit waiting in her garden.

Nikos Gatsos

music: Manos Hadzidakis



Πέρα στο θολό ποτάμι

έσκυψε η νύχτα να λουστεί.

Ετσι και η όμορφη Μπελίσα

μ`ένα φιλί θα δροσιστεί.

Πάνω στο πέτρινο γεφύρι

κάθεται η νύχτα δροσερή.

Ετσι και η όμορφη Μπελίσα

στον κήπο θα τον καρτερεί.

Νίκος Γκάτσος

μουσική: Μάνος Χατζιδάκις

¯ mp3 (16 s, 209 KB)


Giannis Ritsos (from Epitaph)

muisc: Mikis Theodorakis



Γιάννης Ρίτσος (από Επιτάφιου)

μουσική: Μίκης Θεοδωράκης