Petros Christidis & Spiros Moschopoulos
  Violin                                           Piano


The Duo


Both artists regulary give concerts on various occasions.


   Petros Christidis was born in Athens in 1973. He started playing music very young first taking piano  and then violin lessons. He studied violin with Konstantinos Kavakos at the National Conservatory of Athens and graduated "excellent" with a soloist diploma in 2003. He continued taking lessons with the soloist Georgios Demertzis and then with Ariadni  Daskalakis, professor at the Music Conservatory of Cologne (Musikhochschule Köln), while at the same time he took lessons from Berent Kofker. Staying in Cologne, he participated in the conservatory's orchestras giving concerts in the Köln Arena and he was also a member of the chamber orchestra “Archi di Colonia”.

   Petros Christidis is interested in giving chamber music recitals and teaching and he performs often with the pianist Spiros Moschopoulos. Soon he will obtain a composing degree with professor Spiros Mazis. He already participated in two international composition competitions.


   Spiros Moschopoulpos studied piano in Athens, Greece having the world aclaimed pianist Dimitri Toyfexis as a teacher. He continued his studies in Boston,USA completing his studies with the pianist Micheal Lewin obtaining a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance. He obtained scholarships from the A. S. Onassis and the Gerondelis Foundation. Actually the young pianist works as a piano and music professor at conservatories in Athens.

   Spiros Moschopoulos regulary performs as soloist and as an ensemble player and gives recitals all around Greece. He concentrates on classical music and contemporary Greek music where he plays together with the violinist Petros Christidis and in a piano quartet (YOUNG ARTISTS ENSEMBLE). But he also plays jazz music. Here a co-operation with the saxophonist Dimitris Vassilakis is quite productive.




In the following you will find

a programme proposal

with Greek composers 

for a recital for violin and piano.

If you prefer other combinations or pieces, please let us know,

a solution will be found easily.

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Christidis, Violin


Moschopoulos, Piano

I. Kostantinidis

Suite from Twelve Islands

N. Skalkotas

(arranged by SM)

Greek Dances                                    Ipirotikos                                         Mazochtos




M. Chatzidakis

The Smile of Tsikontas (extracts)

M. Theodorakis                         (arranged for violin and piano by SM)


Music Short Cuts

I. Kostantinidis

Suite from Twelve Islands

1. L'air de Karpathos

2. Chant et danse de Rhodes

3. Chant nuptial et danse de Rhodes

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